STEPHANIE VAN DRIESEN, Voice Artist and Actor

From £20 An Hour to £2,597 A Client in Seventeen Days In 17 days from working with Malika, I went from charging £20 an hour to securing my first client at £2,597. I felt an amazing sense of forward momentum from the first session. My mindset has changed, and she is always there to coach me through when I feel challenged. I feel well supported and eager to grow, and it's only been 3 weeks!

I would not have thought all this possible at the start, and I encourage anyone who needs a consistent and no-nonsense push to the next level to work with Malika. She is joyful, whip-sharp and innovative.


FIONA ROSS, Subconscious Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist

I Doubled My Monthly Income In The First Month Working with Malika on my business has been revolutionary. Promoting and marketing myself has always been challenging for me. I have spoken with many businesses coaches and marketing people over the years who's advice, although good has left me cold, feeling overwhelmed in an area that is not my field of expertise. 

Malika has walked me through the minefield giving me step by step processes to follow that have built towards a system I can follow and manage. Each session not only builds my business but the confidence to implement her suggestions. In the first month I hit my sales target doubling my income and I am happy to say it is a continuing trend. Thank you Malika for shining your light on my business. 


KUUMBA NIA, Mentor, Speaker and Author

I’m So Excited To Watch The Growth Of My Business Working with Malika has been such an amazing ride. For months, it’s been a constant battle between my resistance and her resolve to get me over the finishing line.

Even when my dislikes, doubts and procrastination got in the way, Malika stayed confident in my ability; supportive of my goals and true to who and what she really is - an excellent business coach. I’m now starting to see the results in my business that I always knew were possible and I’m so excited to watch the growth of my business over the coming months. Thank you so much Malika.


SIMONE VANEER, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor

I Now Have Regular Clients                                                           Malika has given me the confidence to do what I was born to do! My main struggle was with the business side of my business. I am a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga instructor and have never really been taught how to market myself and make money. Malika gave me the clarification of what to do next and what's best for my business.

After a few weeks of working with Malika, I am now regularly working with clients, making money and constantly have new contacts to reach out to. 


SIENA DEXTER, Founder / Chief Copywriter 

My Business Has Gone From Strength To Strength                       I started working with Malika because I was doing business but not quite the right kind. Deals were closing but the value was low, and I seemed to spend half the working day pitching, or waiting for deals to close with endless follow-ups.

With Malika’s help I learned to position my services in a way that was indispensable, leveraging the immediate benefits and cutting down the time it took to get a final decision. Her no-nonsense approach and outgoing personality helped me believe in my services and my skills, my business has gone from strength to strength. Highly recommended! 


NAMITA KABILAS, Videography & Social Media Agency

I'm Now Making More Money Consistently                                   It has been a pleasure to work with Malika. She has completely transformed the way I run my business and has helped me form the right packages to bring me more clients each month. Much impressed!  

Things were so quiet before but after Malika gave me the right tools and strategies to implement into my business, I now have more clients and more profits flowing into my business consistently. Thank you so much Malika!


JENNY KASSIS, Founder / Editor in Chief                  

I'm Now In Control Of My Business
"I used to struggle to make money, lacked confidence and had no clear direction in my business!

After less than three months of working with Malika, I tripled my income, I know where to focus my time and energy, I’m more con dent, and most importantly - I’m now in control of my business. This is just the beginning! ” 

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SALSABIL MORRISON, Photographer                              

Opportunities Keep Knocking                                               Working with Malika has been an incredible journey. I began with no money, no con dence, would procrastinate at any chance and had no real direction for my business.

Now opportunities keep knocking and I’m consistently Making Money in my business.It was September 2017, I was sitting in the Doctor’s Surgery and I picked up a magazine and said to myself,‘I want my photo on that front cover’, well fast forward to March 2018 ” 

Show Me The Money Club may not be magic, but the results are certainly magical. I’m now on target to reach my monthly money goal - when I never thought something like this would ever be possible.
— Amanda Hunt, Reflexology Practitioner

I now know how to make money in my business, and theres nothing better than having that knowledge. Malika has empowered me by giving me the tools to make this happen and I can’t thank her enough.
— Kimberly Davies, Graphic Designer

Working with Malika has been an incredible experience. She has this gift of bringing the best out of you, changing your money mindset and self-belief. The business has transform and i’m so grateful to have had the chance to work with her. Its an investment well spent and I highly recommend her. I promise - you won’t be disappointed.
— Leah Keene, Property Manager HCD