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I'm Now Making More Money Consistently                                   It has been a pleasure to work with Malika. She has completely transformed the way I run my business and has helped me form the right packages to bring me more clients each month. Much impressed!  Things were so quiet before but after Malika gave me the right tools and strategies to implement into my business, I now have more clients and more profits flowing into my business consistently. Thank you so much Malika!


JENNY KASSIS, Entrepreneur                                                           www.inbusiness.ae  

I'm Now In Control Of My Business
"I used to struggle to make money, lacked confidence and had no clear direction in my business! After less than three months of working with Malika, I tripled my income, I know where to focus my time and energy, I’m more con dent, and most importantly - I’m now in control of my business. This is just the beginning! ” 

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SALSABIL MORRISON, Photographer                                        www.salsabilmorrison.co.uk

Opportunities Keep Knocking                                               Working with Malika has been an incredible journey. I began with no money, no con dence, would procrastinate at any chance and had no real direction for my business. Now opportunities keep knocking and I’m consistently Making Money in my business.It was September 2017, I was sitting in the Doctor’s Surgery and I picked up a magazine and said to myself,‘I want my photo on that front cover’, well fast forward to March 2018 ” 

Show Me The Money Club may not be magic, but the results are certainly magical. I’m now on target to reach my monthly money goal - when I never thought something like this would ever be possible.
— Amanda Hunt, Reflexology Practitioner

I now know how to make money in my business, and theres nothing better than having that knowledge. Malika has empowered me by giving me the tools to make this happen and I can’t thank her enough.
— Kimberly Davies, Graphic Designer

Working with Malika has been an incredible experience. She has this gift of bringing the best out of you, changing your money mindset and self-belief. The business has transform and i’m so grateful to have had the chance to work with her. Its an investment well spent and I highly recommend her. I promise - you won’t be disappointed.
— Leah Keene, Property Manager HCD