I'm Malika Laurent, an Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Educator. And I am dedicated to helping you make more money NOW - not some day.


From struggling to make my business profitable back in 2014 to having learned how to quadrupled my yearly income -

I'm now on a mission to show entrepreneurs and business owners how they too, can have a successful business with money in the bank to do what you want - when you want! 


The question now for you is,


I help entrepreneurs struggling with not enough money and clients, to discover the Breakthrough Profit Plan at the heart of their business.  

My promise is simple, by working with me you will make more money! I will show you how to get crystal clear on your business goals, and how to turn them into clients and sales.  


Schedule your FREE 'Crystal Clear Money Making Plan' Breakthrough Session.

Please Note, this session is for those who are serious about taking the next step in their business and life, ready to start challenging themselves and start building a profitable business - and life!




Simone Vaneer, Holistic Nutritionist 

I Now Have Regular Clients            Malika has given me the confidence to do what I was born to do! My main struggle was with the business side of my business. I am a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga instructor and have never really been taught how to market myself and make money. Malika gave me the clarification of what to do next and what's best for my business. After a few weeks of working with Malika, I am now regularly working with clients, making money and constantly have new contacts to reach out to. 


Siena Dexter, Founder / Chief Copywriter

From Strength To Strength                     I started working with Malika because I was doing business but not quite the right kind. Deals were closing but the value was low, and I seemed to spend half the working day pitching, or waiting for deals to close with endless follow-ups. With Malika’s help I learned to position my services in a way that was indispensable, leveraging the immediate benefits and cutting down the time it took to get a final decision. Her no-nonsense approach and outgoing personality helped me believe in my services and my skills, and my business has gone from strength to strength. Highly recommended! 


Namita Kabilas, Social Media Agency

Making Money Consistently                  It has been a pleasure to work with Malika. She has completely transformed the way I run my business and has helped me form the right packages to bring me more clients each month. Much impressed!  Things were so quiet before but after Malika gave me the right tools and strategies to implement into my business, I now have more clients and more profits flowing into my business consistently. Thank you so much Malika!


    There are no limits to what you can accomplish. 

It all starts with you and a decision.

Working as your business coach (having been there, done that and mastered the game), my only aim is to accelerate what you have set out to accomplish, address what matters most to you in your life and help you to make money in your business NOW - not some day. 


The truth is, who doesn't want to make money in their business?

The Show Me the Money Club is a one of a kind group coaching programme that will show you how to stop struggling with making money and getting clients, and get crystal clear on a money making plan for your business.