You can live the life of your dreams...and that's my promise to you!   

Born in London, my earliest memories consist of me lacing on silk tops and strutting up and down wearing my grandmother’s stilettos (my first style icon!). This passion then matured, and led me to work for design houses including Issey Miyake; as the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Executive-Woman magazine; and Director of Development for the Dubai-based Islamic Fashion and Design Council. 

But that was not enough!

As well as my love for fashion, I have always been fascinated with successful people - I mean, they always seem to be living the life they truly want. This hunger to find out what characteristics these successful people have needed to be fed!  

I spent the next couple of years tirelessly researching the fundamental attributes and characteristics of successful people - trying to uncover the keys to their success. I read autobiographies of people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey. I attended workshops and seminars, subscribed to webinars - I was like a self-development junkie who just could not get enough of the amazing knowledge that I was discovering. I began to incorporate my findings into my own life and I have never looked back. I qualified as a Success Coach and now I’m honoured to say I have a diverse portfolio of successful clients.

What I have discovered through my experience in the fashion and self-development industries is that your mental mindset and fashion credentials are two key elements to an overall well-grounded and successful person.

Knowing that the mind is a powerhouse, I coach my clients on how to effectively use their mind and how to stimulate it with goals to achieve success, and ultimately live the life they truly want; together with all-important guidance on their image. 

Throughout history, one’s appearance has been a signal of wealth, status and power, and this is still the case in today’s society. Fashion is a powerful tool. One can use fashion to define one's place in the world, and one's sense of oneself. Therefore, it is crucial not to sell yourself short on your appearance anymore than you would on your intelligence or abilities. They are all part of the same package - your success package. Look your best, and you will think and act your best.

I’m committed to empowering, motivating, and inspiring clients to fulfil their goals. A life changing experience that will get you on the road to where you want to be.