I'm Malika Laurent, an Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Educator. And I am dedicated to helping you make more money NOW - not some day.


From struggling to make my business profitable back in 2014 to having learned how to quadrupled my yearly income -

I'm now on a mission to show entrepreneurs and business owners how they too, can have a successful business with money in the bank to do what you want - when you want! 


The question now for you is,


I help entrepreneurs struggling with not enough money and clients, to discover the Breakthrough Profit Plan at the heart of their business.  

My promise is simple, by working with me you will make more money! I will show you how to get crystal clear on your business goals, and how to turn them into clients and sales.  


Schedule your FREE 'Crystal Clear Money Making Plan' Breakthrough Session.

Please Note, this session is for those who are serious about taking the next step in their business and life, ready to start challenging themselves and start building a profitable business - and life!



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Bibiana Hernandez, Master QiGong Practitioner

£2,697 in 13 days!             I now have the big breakthrough in my business! I went from charging £50 to £2,697 and got my first high paying client in 13 days from working with Malika. Following her clever advice, I am now able to get clients fast. She not only offers a good professional service but is a kind and caring person, who is always offering support at any time needed.

She has given me lots of confidence in myself, as well as an effective strategy to increase my income in an amazing way that is consistent. I can’t recommend Malika as a business coach enough. She has changed my life for the good and I can honestly say that you will not regret working with her. 


Fiona Ross, Subconscious Mind Coach/ Hypnotherapist

Doubled My Monthly Income Working with Malika on my business has been revolutionary. Promoting and marketing myself has always been challenging for me. I have spoken with many businesses coaches and marketing people over the years who's advice, although good has left me cold, feeling overwhelmed in an area that is not my field of expertise.

 Malika has walked me through the minefield giving me step by step processes to follow that have built towards a system I can follow and manage. Each session not only builds my business but the confidence to implement her suggestions. In the first month I hit my sales target doubling my income and I am happy to say it is a continuing trend. Thank you Malika for shining your light on my business.


Stephanie Van Driesen, Voice Artist and Actor

£20 An Hour to £2,597 A Client       In 17 days from working with Malika, I went from charging £20 an hour to securing my first client at £2,597. I felt an amazing sense of forward momentum from the first session. My mindset has changed, and she is always there to coach me through when I feel challenged. I feel well supported and eager to grow, and it's only been 3 weeks!

I would not have thought all this possible at the start, and I encourage anyone who needs a consistent and no-nonsense push to the next level to work with Malika. She is joyful, whip-sharp and innovative.


    There are no limits to what you can accomplish. 

It all starts with you and a decision.

Working as your business coach (having been there, done that and mastered the game), my only aim is to accelerate what you have set out to accomplish, address what matters most to you in your life and help you to make money in your business NOW - not some day. 


The truth is, who doesn't want to make money in their business?

The Show Me the Money Club is a one of a kind group coaching programme that will show you how to stop struggling with making money and getting clients, and get crystal clear on a money making plan for your business.